13 Feb 2018  |  ID 131444

ID 131444 - Chrome Products - 5,000 MT - Monthly - Wanted in Gauteng

We are buyers of Chrome for export to our customers in China and India.

If you are a capable supplier able to deliver to City Deep Warehouses and are able to provide proof of previous contract performance for tonnages of at least 1000mt, we will be pleased to discuss buying from you.

Note that any transaction will require the following preliminary due diligence before any transactions are considered:
1) Valid Company Name and CIPC docs, including VAT reg
2) Copy of you CIPC Annual Return
3) Copy of mining permit/right or alternatively copy of seller mandate with reference licence number.
4) Copy of previous delivery to warehouses under your companies name, stock reports and a reference at the Warehouse to confirm your performance.

South Africa
City Deep
Supporting Documents: 
Company Reg, Mine Rights/Permit, CIPC AR, Proof of pervious Deliverys to WH, Lab Analysis by International Lab (No Metchem or IMet)
R1,300/MT (Approx. US$102/MT)
Payment Guarantee In place with our Attorneys
Present the following
1) TRADEKOR or ACCESWORLD Weighbride Receipts
2) CCIC Africa/ SGS/ Mitra Truck by Truck dynamic sampling assay for full spectrum
3) Proof of Legality
4) Release Notes and Stock Report
5) Tax Invoice

100% Payment at WAREHOUSE.
Reference Number: 
180213 Cr

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